Protecting our borders and standing up for the rule of law are critical. Lee strongly believes we should support immigrants who come to America legally and abide by our laws, but never should we support any form of amnesty. Instead, immediate attention should be given to securing the border.

In the US Senate, Lee will support legislation to…

  • End “Chain migration”. Chain migration occurs because foreign nationals gain entry to the country and are then allowed to legally bring in their extended, non-nuclear family members. Chain Migration is one of the chief culprits in America’s current record-breaking population boom and all the attendant sprawl, congestion, school overcrowding, and other impacts that reduce American’s quality of life.
  • Reform Birthright Citizenship by passing HR 140, the Birthright Citizenship Act, which would extend citizenship at birth if the person is born in the United States of parents, one of whom is: (1) a U.S. citizen or national; (2) a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or (3) an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Restructure Visa & Refugee Fraud. Especially by U.S. Officials, is out of control. This kind of fraud by government officials is designed to achieve political not humanitarian ends. As recently as 2008, the State Department suspended all family reunification applications (P-3 Visas) from U.S.-based refugees because of rampant fraud.



Protecting the right for a child to live is one of the most basic functions of a society. If our nation fails in this aspect, then how can we expect to protect liberty and constitutional rights?

When it comes to protecting the lives of the unborn, there is no greater advocate in the South Carolina legislature than Lee Bright. Each year, Lee introduces legislation that protects our children from abortion providers. He has fought to block funding to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics on numerous occasions, sometimes shutting down the whole Senate in his effort to save the lives of children.

Lee believes that life begins at conception, and has introduced legislation such as the Personhood Act of South Carolina, which protects life at the earliest stages of a child’s development. Other legislation Lee has introduced includes Life Beginning at Conception Act, Pregnant Women’s Protection Act, Pain-Capable Child Protection Act and a host of many others throughout the years.

In Texas, efforts to protect children from abortion clinics were successful, which Lee hopes will be replicated in South Carolina. During the 2013 session, Lee introduced similar legislation that was passed in Texas, hoping to shut down abortion clinics across South Carolina.

While, in the U.S. Senate, Lee will continue to work tirelessly to promote life and protect the innocent lives of our unborn children. This can be accomplished by voting for Supreme Court justices that share this basic value for life, which will hopefully result in Roe v. Wade being overturned eventually.



Taxes are a tremendous drag on the private sector economy.

Taxes punish productive citizens, while politicians use the tax code to reward special interest groups and engage in social engineering through the skillful use of tax breaks, deductions and “loopholes”.

It is no wonder that our economy continues to struggle when employers and investors must carry such a heavy tax burden. In the last few years, Republicans in Congress have repeatedly succumbed for Obama’s demands for just one more tax increase.
This must stop.

Lee Bright is a strong advocate for a complete overhaul of the tax code. Our current tax code is out of date, confusing and burdensome to comply with. For many small businesses, just completing and filing a return is a serious drain on their resources, while many big businesses have used their lobbyists to cozy up to Congress and pay no taxes at all.

Lee will push for pro-free enterprise reforms to the tax structure.

Lee will start by pushing to rollback income tax rates overall after the disastrous capitulation to the Obama administration over the Bush-era tax cuts.

This should be followed by lowering the corporate income tax rate.

The U.S. has the highest corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world, especially if you include the taxes levied by many state governments. This high tax burden reduces competitiveness and hurts businesses that should be creating innovative products and technologies. More importantly, by hurting employers we are keeping unemployment high.

Next, Lee wants to stop taxing small businesses as individuals. Because small businesses usually pay taxes through their owners’ individual tax returns, this subjects them to the higher personal tax rates. Instead, they should pay tax at the entity level so that Congress can lower their rate to make it equal to the reduced corporate income tax rate.

The tax needs to be simple. That’s why Lee wants to eliminate the alternative minimum tax (AMT). The AMT is a complicated secondary income tax system originally designed to bump up the taxes of the rich by stripping away certain deductions. Because Congress failed to index its income threshold to inflation, the AMT now ensnares millions of middle-income families. Failure to act now will essentially mean a backdoor tax hike for millions of Americans.

Our misguided tax policy continues to discourage savings and investment. One way in particular is by sending in the tax collectors when someone dies to take a cut of the estate. This tax skews and distorts investments, as taxpayers attempt to structure their estates to keep their hard-earned and already taxed at least once money out of the hands of the government when they die. Lee will work to abolish the death tax once and for all.

Lee supports a fairer, flatter and simpler tax structure to boost economic growth, like the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax. He opposes special carve-outs that bail out some businesses at the expense of others.

Lee believes that American economy can thrive if the tax code is reformed and the overall tax burden reduced.



The growth of government in any facet of our lives means less personal freedom, and health care is certainly no exception. Medicaid and Medicare have growth far beyond their originally projected limits, both in terms of enrollment and overall costs. Such programs cause Americans to become increasingly dependent on the government, creating a “nanny state” environment that leads to more national debt and less economic stability.

Rather than identifying increased health care spending as a problem, the government has decided to create a top-down system through the federal government by instituting the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This massive growth of government centralizes the health care system and permanently alters the relationship between patients and their doctors. This simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Lee will join with conservative Senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and others to support the repeal of Obamacare in its entirety. Furthermore, Lee will oppose any bill or budget resolution that provides funding to implement or enforce any part of it. Doing so will promote a market-based health care system that is consumer-based and free from government obstruction.

Obamacare is a serious legal threat to our liberties and our economy as well as to the quality of our health care system. The demands imposed by Obamacare violate the basic principles of our Constitution. Short of full repeal, Lee will vote for defunding and postponing any parts possible. In fact, Lee was the first US Senate candidate in South Carolina to sign the pledge to defund Obamacare, due to the serious threat this harmful legislation poses to our nation.


National Security

South Carolina has a long tradition of supporting our nation’s military. In the U.S. Senate, Lee will carry on that tradition.

Lee believes one of the core functions of our federal government, as required by the Constitution, is providing America’s security. After all, our liberty depends on a strong military. He also knows that the Constitution must be followed and that Congress alone has the power to declare war and commit our troops to war. Our military should never be sent into harm’s way without a clear mission authorized by Congress. But when we do send our fighting forces into combat we must be prepared to allow them to fight and win.

A vital part of our national defense commitment is to keep our promises to the men and women who have taken care of us through their service in our nation’s armed forces. Currently, combat veterans who have sustained critical wounds are waiting months for necessary treatments from the VA. Lee will work to make sure these heroes move to the front of the line and get the help they deserve.

While Lee believes America must maintain our commitment to protecting our allies, we can no longer afford to be the first-responder for every problem around the world. It is time for our allies to begin shouldering a larger share of their own defense.

No other country in the world has the quality of fighting force and the global reach of the United States Armed Forces and we must be prepared to meet any threat anywhere it affects our national interest.

But our greatest threat is not from hostile nations but from our own misguided economic policies and uncontrollable Federal spending which have rung up unsustainable debts. In order for our nation to remain truly secure, we must get government spending under control and reduce the deficit to a manageable level as quickly as possible.

When our men and women come face to face with the enemy, they need to have the best equipment we can supply them. It is this force multiplier technology that has given them an insurmountable edge. They are willing to risk their lives, but we must make sure they aren’t short-changed when it comes to the actual war-fighting technology.

The Obama administration and Congressional liberals have skillfully used the “sequester” to gut critical defense programs and shift that spending to wasteful domestic spending. Lee will work with other conservatives to make sure our military remains second to none. That doesn’t mean that the Pentagon should have a free hand to purchase every new technology a defense contractor comes up with. In the U.S. Senate, Lee will be a deficit hawk with every aspect of the Federal budget, encouraging policy-makers to look for efficiencies in defense as in every other government program.

Lee is committed to a strong national defense, both in military strategy, force-multiplying technologies, and a sound economy. Lee Bright will fight to keep our national defense strong and provide the level of treatment our veterans deserve.


Budget and Spending

Federal spending in (FY) 2011 broke all records reaching $3.6 trillion and now consumes nearly 25 percent of total economic output. Simply put, that is unsustainable.

All that money comes from one place: the pockets of American taxpayers (or worse the pockets of future generations of taxpayers through unconscionable debt). Federal spending has been climbing steadily since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty.

There is no reason to think that a majority of members in the current Congress have the will — or even the desire — to change the budget trajectory.

For generations, politicians in Washington have seduced more and more Americans into becoming dependent on handouts and government programs. In turn, these politicians have used the growing ranks of poor, unemployed, and program-dependent citizens as an excuse to expand spending even more.

According to the Heritage Foundation, headed by Jim DeMint:

“The three major entitlement programs—Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—account for 43 percent of federal spending, or 10.3 percent of GDP. In the coming decade, each of these three programs will expand much faster than inflation and more rapidly than the entire economy: Social Security will grow by an estimated 5.8 percent per year, Medicare by 6.3 percent, and Medicaid by 9 percent. They will surge from 10.3 percent of the economy to almost 20 percent in just 40 years. To honor in full the promised benefits for just Social Security and Medicare, the government would need to set aside and invest almost $46 trillion of Americans’ tax dollars today to cover the long-term shortfall.”

All parts of the Federal budget are growing! In the last 12 years, spending has grown across the board. Discretionary spending has far outpaced inflation while other areas have received large budget increases as well.

That’s why we need a change immediately.

Lee Bright will fight to STOP the Washington spending machine and reduce the size, scope and reach of government.

As a State Senator, Lee has the best voting record in the entire state legislature for limited government and reduced spending. The South Carolina Club for Growth has consistently rated his record at 100% as have other conservative organizations.

Lee has been a tireless opponent of new and unnecessary spending: he has voted against larger state budgets, consistently sustained vetoes by Governors Sanford and Haley, and has been willing to bring legislative business to a halt in order to shine the spotlight on excessive spending.

But there’s more to this issue than just voting against spending. Lee is also pushing for reforming the budget process. He wants Congress to estimate and publish the projected cost of any proposed policy or program for the lifetime of the program or, if it is open-ended, for at least 75 years out. Any major policy change should also be scored over this long-term horizon. The Congressional Budget Office should also be required to score new programs both with and without predicted or expected impacts on the economy. This way Congress will have necessary information available when weighing the value and the economic impact of a spending program.


The Second Amendment

One of the basic rights afforded by our Constitution is the right to bear arms, as was outlined in the Second Amendment. This right has been under constant attack in recent years, as the liberals attempt to place more control in the hands of the government, rather than trusting citizens to protect themselves.

Lee Bright strongly believes that the Constitution should be taken literally when it says that our right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”. This means that the government has no authority to prohibit the free exercise of this liberty, which is why Lee proposed his Constitutional Carry Amendment. This bill would allow South Carolina citizens to protect themselves at all times without the need to ask the government for permission first. Other states that allow guns to be carried in public have seen drops in crime rates, while states that enforce strict gun laws see a noticeable rise in crime.Other pro-Second Amendment bills sponsored by Lee include the Firearms Freedom Act, Firearms Liberty Act, along with many others that promote the rights of gun owners.

This is why Lee has been given an “A” rating by the NRA and has earned the support and trust of gun owners throughout South Carolina. Lee has traveled the state in an effort to gather support for his legislation, which has been received very well by the citizens.

While in the U.S. Senate, Lee will stand firm for the Second Amendment and protect the constitutional right to bear arms at every opportunity. The Federal government should be restrained from enforcing anti-gun laws, as those decisions should be left up to the states to decide.


Civil Liberties

Right now, the Federal government is in the process of an overreach of power that threatens our constitutional rights like never before. The IRS is targeting conservative groups to suppress freedom of speech; the NSA is gathering all of our communications data and invading our privacy; the TSA strips us of our dignity when we get on a plane; and gun rights across the country are being threatened by liberal activist organizations and politicians.

This threat to our civil liberties used to be a fight we had with the liberals in DC, but now we have to be wary of members within the Republican Party. The establishment in DC believes that they know what’s best for us, and is willing to sacrifice our liberty for what they want.

Lee Bright believes that the Constitution is not something we should throw away anytime there is a threat. We should not be quick to abandon liberty for the chains of perceived security. Rather, we should proudly uphold our constitutional rights while under attack in order to preserve the soul of this nation.

As a state senator, Lee Bright has introduced legislation that enhances civil liberties in numerous ways. For instance, he was the primary sponsor of the NDAA Act, which protects South Carolina citizens from unlawful detention. He was the sole sponsor of the Religious Freedom Act, which prohibits restrictions on the freedom of religious expression. He also helped protect property rights by cosponsoring the Agenda 21 Protection Act, which prohibits South Carolina from adopting and developing environmental and developmental policies that would infringe or restrict the private property rights of property owners.

With a track record to prove it, Lee is prepared to serve in the U.S. Senate and fight to protect our civil liberties. At a time when these liberties are under such a rigorous attack, we need Lee to join people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and advance the cause of liberty.