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It’s imperative that we decrease the tax burden on working families, and allow businesses to operate without unnecessary regulations. Increasing taxes is NEVER the answer.


The government should not have the ability to dictate healthcare choices for South Carolina families. This is why ObamaCare needs to be resisted at every opportunity.


Lee believes that life begins at conception and works tirelessly to protect the constitutional rights of unborn children. Simply put, all life is sacred – no exceptions.


The Constitution clearly guarantees our right to bear arms, which “shall not be infringed”. Lee is the most vocal advocate of Second Amendment liberties in South Carolina.

About Lee

Known as a fiscal and social conservative, Senator Lee Bright was elected to the South Carolina State Legislature in 2008. He diligently serves Spartanburg’s 12th District in the Senate and received the Friend of Taxpayer Award from the Spartanburg County Taxpayers Association.

As a member of the senate, he serves on the following committees: Banking and Insurance, General, Judiciary, Medical Affairs, and Labor, Commerce and Industry. Senator Bright also serves on the William Wallace Caucus, a non-legislative caucus that votes against government intrusion, wasteful spending and unnecessary regulation.

Prior to his current senatorial duties, Senator Bright served the 6th District of the Spartanburg County School Board.

Senator Lee Bright also serves the community in a number of other ways. His community involvement includes the Attorney General’s Commission on the Family 2001 Advisory Board, Palmetto Family Council’s Board of Directors, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Board of Visitors, and the Roebuck Baptist Church, where he is an active member.

Senator Lee Bright lives in Spartanburg with his wife, Amy and two children, Kaylee and Kendyl.

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