Enemies for Life? Graham Just Can’t Help Himself

Graham Continues to be Obama, Reid, Pelosi Spokesman

For the second time in just a few days, Lindsey Graham has issued statements that have turned him into a viral internet sensation, drawing scorn and derisive laughter from conservatives across the country. The latest was his proclamation that Ted Cruz and anyone else who “creates a process” that causes the government to shut down would “make an enemy of me….for life.” In context, Graham was clearly blaming Republicans and not Democrats.

“Maybe Lindsey Graham did not get the memo, but the Senate is controlled by Democrats, and so is the White House” said Lee Bright, the liberty group and Tea Party favorite challenging Graham in the Senate Primary. “Then again, as a top spokesman for the Obama Administration, and the John McCain wing of the Reid-Schumer Party, perhaps blaming Republicans is just his default setting. I think he does it without thinking frankly.”

Bright went on to add that “Graham has been a Senator a lot longer than Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, and that Senate has not passed a budget in many years. For him to parrot the talking points of the liberal media and Democrat consultants is just absurd, not to mention, totally inaccurate. Cruz and Lee are heroes for bringing attention to the derelict Senate. Graham is part of that dereliction.”

Graham’s “enemy for life” comment is getting big play across the internet, and is building on Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy website’s expose of Graham’s dishonest statements on social media of last week. “This is emblematic of why less than one Republican in three want him returned to the Senate” said Bright, citing a Clemson University poll. “He’s totally out of touch with the voters, and totally in touch with Washington talking points. He is exhibit A for what is wrong with our government.”