Annual reports on the performance of South Carolina’s schools, declare the need for real reform. That reform cannot and will not happen without the bold leadership from our public school officials. South Carolina needs leaders in education who realize that one size does not fit all and that reform requires a willingness to change.

There are many alternatives that have proven to be successful such as charter schools, real school choice that supports private schools and home-schooling as well as programs where private and public schools work together.
South Carolina needs to attract the type of businesses that will strengthen the state’s economy and in turn improve communities. This type of economic goal requires nothing short of a school system that produces a competitive workforce.

Economy & Jobs
The myth that the government can create jobs is just that, a myth. Economic success that produces jobs is solely a result of growth in the private sector. The government can, however, create an environment that promotes job creation by lowering the corporate tax rate and reducing the scope of government regulations that hamper business growth.

The state of South Carolina is blessed with wonderful resources that support business growth and needs a government that recognizes this potential and governs accordingly.

Government Oversight & Spending
Like any household budget, the budget of the State of South Carolina requires strict management, especially because it is managing the hard-earned dollars of tax payers. The state has a responsibility to be good stewards of the people’s money. State leaders should be diligent about finding any waste, fraud and abuse and commit to spending only within the defined parameters laid out by the citizens.

State leaders also have a responsibility to ensure transparency for South Carolina’s citizens. Tax payers have the right to know where and how their dollars are being spent.